4 Kinds of Recommended Foods for Paleo Diet

4 Kinds of Recommended Foods for Paleo Diet

An urban life that’s increasingly modern is fun and practical, just like the types of food which can be consumed today. But apparently, practicality and modernity are not always in line with your health. Therefore, you should try applying the Paleo diet.

Just like its bizarre name, the Paleolithic diet is the same food diet as the food consumed in Paleolithic era. In those days, early humans began to leave nomadic life and settled in an area. Therefore, the choice of food is also quite diverse.

Since early humans began to settle, they relied more on farming than hunting. That’s why in Paleolithic diets, there are many plants in various types. Hunting habits also require them to consume low-fat foods.

There are some foods that are allowed and not allowed to eat when you want to run this diet. But basically, you will avoid modern foods, and return to those which come from nature.

Any kind of Meat

Paleo Diet Food

In Paleo diet, you can’t eat any meat. To maximize the energy you need, while minimizing obesity, you need to eat meat that’s not processed with chemicals. You can also eat more meat low-fat that you can find.

Although it sounds wrong, Paleolithic diet does not avoid red meat, it actually embraces it. However, the type of red meat must be pure without any mixture or processed first. The same thing goes to white meat.

Fresh Seafood

Since fish can be categorized into white meat, the seafood that we will discuss here is more to other marine animals besides fish, such as:

  • Crabs
  • Squid
  • Lobster

Unlike meat, there are varieties of seafood choices that are suitable for this diet.

All kinds of seafood besides fish may be eaten on Paleolithic diet, provided they have to pass two conditions. The first condition is that seafood should not be fried in oil, either raw or boiled. The second condition is, it must be fresh; it should not be stored for too long.

Vegetables and Grains

The main attention of Paleolithic diet is vegetable. Just like in Paleolithic era, vegetables here are the ones that come directly from nature, both from soil and plantations. So, avoid buying vegetables in the modern market because it certainly has preservatives.

For snacks, you can also rely on grains. Some of the seeds recommended on Paleolithic diet are:

  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Quinoa

These grains have a high protein content but high level of gas. Therefore, watch out for your fart.


Paleo Diet

Although it looks very healthy and recommended by many health professionals, fruit actually has sugar content above the normal limit. That’s why you cannot eat fruits that do not have high fiber content.

In addition, the very useful fruits in this diet mostly come from berries. Just like grains, you can consume
berries as a snack to reduce your food craving.

Those are some types of foods recommended in Paleo diet. Using the lifestyle of people in ancient times, we can maximize our effectiveness to perform daily work optimally.

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