5 Incredible Things about Keto Diet

5 Incredible Things about Keto Diet

There are many people who like to have a healthy diet because of several reasons. It may come because of their awareness or they may have been sick before. Among various kinds of diets, there is keto diet which has been done by many people.

Yes, this is actually a high-fat and low-carb diet. As you can see, you need to reduce the carbohydrate consumption by replacing them with fat.

The Types of Keto Diet

Keto Diet

For your information, several versions of this diet are made. There are four variations in total, including targeted ketogenic diet, standard ketogenic diet, high-protein ketogenic diet, and cylical ketogenic diet.

Nevertheless, there are only two versions that are deeply studied. They are the high-protein and the standard ones. For your information, the cyclical diet is mostly used by athletes or bodybuilders.

Health Benefits

There are various benefits from this diet. They are mostly about your body health. Indeed, this diet is helpful to maintain healthiness or to treat several diseases. Here are three examples of diseases that can use the diet.

Treating diabetes and pre-diabetes

Some people do not really realize that this disease is a serious one. People with diabetes must maintain what they eat. They need to be more careful.

Additionally, the diet is known being able to reduce excess fat that is closely related to pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2. There, you will know that this diet can be helpful for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Alzheimer’s disease

Keto diet can be a way to help you avoiding Alzheimer. For those who have shown to have symptoms of this disease, applying the diet to your meal plan is a good way to reduce the symptoms.

Treating cancer

In medical field, this diet has been known to treat cancer. There are several types that can be treated with this diet.

Foods to Eat

In order to apply this diet program in daily life, there are foods you are allowed to eat. There are low-carb veggies, meats, healthy oils, cheese, avocados, nuts and seeds, butter and cream, eggs, condiments, and fatty fish.
Foods to Avoid

In the opposite, there are surely various ingredients you must avoid. It is clear food that contains high carb should be avoided.

Foods to avoid include fruit, sugary foods, beans or legumes, grains or starches, unhealthy fats, low-fat products, foods that are sugar-free, some sauces and condiments that contain unhealthy fat and sugar, tubers, root vegetables, and alcohol.

A Meal Plan Sample

food keto diet

In order to give you a sight of the meal plan with this diet, here is a simple meal plan sample in one day only. As for breakfast, you can have eggs, tomatoes, and bacon. For lunch, just prepare chicken salad. Then for the dinner, serve salmon with asparagus that is cooked in butter.

Well, those are five incredible things you should know about keto diet. Try to stick with what foods you can eat or not, and you can gain the whole health benefits.

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